Typical local cuisine in the province of Rome

Our menu is varied and offers new specials every day. We have special menu's for events and functions and if you would like us to customise a menu for you and your guests just talk to one of our team.


Sea Cap (Sea Salad, Smoked Salmon Shrimps in Pink Sauce Smoked Swordfish)
Mussels Sauces and Clams (Hen Clams and Mussels) - Shrimps and Rucola (Shrimps and Rocket)
Smoked Sword Carpaccio (Swordfish and Rocket) - Sea Salad
Bresaola rocket and grain (Crued Row Beef, Rocket and Parmesan)
Ham and Buffalo Mozzarella
Mixed Fries: Pumpkin Flowers Olive Ascolane Artichokes (Baby Marrow's Flowers, fried olives filled with mead)

Seafood - fish

Mixed fried fish
Fried Fried Anchovies
Fried Stockfish Fillets of Fried Grits
Baccalà allaPizzaiola (Stockfish with tomato origano and black olives)
Grilled Squid (Grilled Squid)
Ears, Grasses, Grilled Sea Bass, Giltheda Bream, Rhombus
Baked Rice with Potatoes (Rhombus cocked in oven with potatoes)
Ears, Oatmeal with Potatoes (Sea Bass, Giltheda Bream cocked in oven with potatoes)
Scampi, Grilled Lobster and Prawns
Swordfish (Grilled Swordfish)
Mixed Grilled Fish (Grilled Fish)

Primi (first course)

Spaghetti alle Vongole Veraci (Spaghetti with real Clams)
Riso alla Crema di Scampi (Rice with Prawns and Cream)
Tonnarelli alla Pescatora (Tuna and seafood pasta)
Lasagne Salmonate (Salmon Lasagne)
Fettuccine Rombo e Basilico (Fettuccine with Rhombus, basil and fresh tomato)
Linguine all’Astice (Ribbon noodles with lobster and tomato)
Linguine Scampetti e Vongole (Ribbon pasta with small prawns and clams)
Spaghetti Vongole e Porcini (Spaghetti with Clams and mushrooms)
Lasagne Tartufate (Truffle Lasagne)
Fettuccine ai Funghi Porcini (Fettuccine with mushrooms)
Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci (Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese)
Tortellini con crema di Funghi (Tortellini filled with mead in mushrooms cream)
Bucatini all’Amatriciana (Large Hollow pasta with bacon, tomato and chilli)
Spaghetti alla Carbonara (Spaghetti with bacon, cream and eggs)
Penne all’Arrabiata (Penne with spicy sauce)
Spaghetti al Ragù Bolognese (Spaghetti with mead sauce)

Meat dishes

Bistecca di Manzo alla griglia (Grilled Steak)
Costata di Manzo alla griglia (Grilled Steak Chop)
Lombata di Vitella alla griglia (Grilled Loin of Veal)
Abbacchio alla Scottadito (Grilled Lamb)
Straccetti di Manzo alla Rucola (Small slices of Veal with Rocket)
Straccetti di Manzo ai Porcini (Small slices of Veal with Mushrooms)
Straccetti di Manzo alle olive nere (Small slices of Veal with black olives)
Saltimbocca alla Romana
Scaloppine al limone o al vino (Escalope with lemon or white wine)
Scaloppine ai Porcini (Escalope with Mushrooms)
Petti di Pollo alla Salvia (Chicken breast with sage and butter)
Cotolette d’Abbacchio fritte dorate (Fried Lamb cutlet)
Scamorza alla griglia (Grilled Cheese)

Side Dishes

Mista Salad (Mixed Salad)
French fries or potatoes
Cicoria, Spinach, Broccoli (Cicory Spinach, Broccoli)
Beans (French Beans)
Artichokes with garlic and parsley (Artichokes with garlic and parsley)
White Artichokes (Artichokes cooked in white wine)
Grilled Vegetables
Pike sauce with anchovies sauce (Raw chicory with anchovy sauce)


Crème Caramel (Caramel custard)
Cocktail Cream (Cocked Cream)
Crepe with Hot Chocolate (Crepe in hot chocolate sauce)
Tiramisu (Italian soft cheese cake)
Lemon Sorbet (Lemon Sorbet)
White or Black Truffle (Truffle Ice Cream)


Fresh Fruit
Fresh Fruit Salad
Mixed Wood Fruits (Wood Fruit Salad)
Lemongrass (Strawberry with sugar and lemon)
Strawberries with Cream
Ananas (Pineapple)
Melon at the Grand Marnier (Melon)
Pears cooked with Red Wine (pears cocked in oven with red wine)

Event menu

Red Rose menu

Mountain Appetizer
Lasagne Tartufate
Tonnerelli at artichokes
Roasted Mixed Meat
(Porchetta Pork, Oatmeal, Vitella)
Potatoes, Salad
Pineapple, Sweet,
Sparkling wine, Coffee
Water, House Wine

Poenia menu

Capriccio di Mare
Mussels and clams
Tonnarelli to the Fruits of Sea
Lasagne Salmonate
Mixed Fish Roast
(Orata, Scampi, Mazzancolle)
Potatoes, Salad
Pineapple, Sweet, Sparkling wine, Coffee
Water, House Wine

Tulip menu

Capriccio di Mare
Fettuccine Rombo and Basilico
Ravioli with Mushroom Cream
Lemon sorbet
Fillet of Orata at Pescatora
Fruit salad
Sweet, Sparkling wine, Coffee
Water, House Wine

Lily Menu

Appetizer Mari & Monti + Fried Vegetables and Ascolane Olives
Fettuccine with Porcini Mushrooms
Seafood Risotto
Vitello Baked Aranda with Potatoes
Lemon sorbet
Mixed Fish Roast
(Orata, Scampi, Mazzancolle)
Fresh fruit salad
Sweet, Sparkling wine, Coffee
Water, House Wine
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